How Physiotherapy Massage Can Help Your Autistic Child

Having a child on the spectrum can be difficult, especially when you are keeping their comfort and emotional well-being in mind. One way that many parents have found to help their children is through physiotherapy massage techniques. If your autistic child does respond well to massage and touch and you are looking for a relaxation option, then this may be the ideal option. Before you make an appointment, consider these few ways that this type of massage can benefit children on the autistic spectrum.

Reduction of Anxiety

One of the leading reasons that parents of children on the autistic spectrum choose physiotherapy massage is to reduce anxiety. The massage therapy sessions generally start as a small session, lasting only a few minutes, and then progress to longer sessions. This is to help reduce the anxiety the child is feeling in small doses before an issue with ADD, if they have it, takes over. As the sessions get longer, parents can choose to have them on a more frequent basis as a routine part of emotional well-being for their child and eventually an alternative to medication if the parent so desires.

ADD Assistance

One of the claims made by massage therapists is that this type of massage helps increase the attention span of children over time. This may mean a reduction in your child's ADD and ADHD issues. Though there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, it is one of the reasons that parents choose to try this therapy for their children on the spectrum.

Pressure Point Massage

It has been cited by massage therapists that parents may turn away from massage because their children don't seem respond to touch. They also suggest this is due to the pressure of the touch and not the touch itself. If you are finding that your child is retreating from touch or other human contact, then massage may be able to help them open up and relax enough due to the pressure point techniques used by trained massage therapists.

These are just a few of the ways that massage therapy can help your child that falls on the autistic spectrum. If you think this may be a suitable option or alternative therapy for your child, schedule a consultation with a certified massage therapist or physiotherapist. They can discuss with you routines, schedules, and methods that may work best for you and your child.