How Physiotherapy Massage Can Help Your Autistic Child

Having a child on the spectrum can be difficult, especially when you are keeping their comfort and emotional well-being in mind. One way that many parents have found to help their children is through physiotherapy massage techniques. If your autistic child does respond well to massage and touch and you are looking for a relaxation option, then this may be the ideal option. Before you make an appointment, consider these few ways that this type of massage can benefit children on the autistic spectrum.

Remedial Massage for Diabetics: What You Need to Be Aware Of

Approximately one million people in Australia have diabetes, meaning it is classed as a common ailment. One of the symptoms of diabetes is a condition known as peripheral neuropathy, wherein the extremities (primarily the feet when it comes to diabetes) suffer from reduced sensation, or even mild pain. Excessive blood sugar tends to gather in the extremities, reducing the ability of nerves in the area to convey messages to the brain.