Women's Health and Pregnancy: Should You Plan for Prenatal Massage?

Therapeutic massages are beneficial in improving overall health, reducing general mental stress and boosting physical performance. Therefore, numerous people around the world, including athletes, office workers and medical patients, invest in this form of physical therapy. Regrettably, the reception of massage therapy for pregnancy is ambivalent among the masses. Most women do not know whether they should plan for this therapeutic procedure or not. If you are uncertain about the suitability of massage as part of your prenatal care, consider this brief discussion to help you understand potential benefits.

Reduction of Swelling

When a woman is pregnant, the body produces more fluid to meet the needs of the growing child. Therefore, swelling or oedema is expected during this period, and it often affects the legs, hands, ankles and face. This fluid is intended to help the body soften and expand safely. Also, it loosens the joints for a safe delivery. Unfortunately, the accumulation of fluid can cause increased pressure, poor circulation and discomfort. Prenatal massage can help you manage the swelling. Soft tissue manipulation will reduce fluid collection around the joints, improve blood flow and diminish the distress of oedema. 

Management of Nerve Pain

Numerous women experience sciatic nerve pain during their pregnancy. In general, the uterus rests on the pelvic floor muscles and the lower back. The weight of the womb will exert pressure on the muscles of the limbs. The tension will spread and force mechanical stress on the sciatic nerve and other nervous elements in the area. When one receives massage therapy, the strain in the leg muscles is released through physical manipulation. As a result, there is less pressure applied to the nerves, bringing relief. 

Relaxation of the Body

When massage therapy is performed correctly, it will promote relaxation of the entire body. Typically, a physio session will provide some time for the pregnant woman to get off their feet and away from regular stresses. Also, the therapist will knead and manipulate all muscles of the body, eliminating soreness in the back, neck and legs. As a result, stress will be reduced, and the physical and mental wellness of the patient will improve.

While massage therapy can be beneficial during your pregnancy, it is important to always act with caution for your safety and your baby's. Consult your primary physician before booking a women's health physio appointment, especially if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Also, you should choose a licensed and experienced therapist for your therapy session for maximum effectiveness and personal well-being.